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The MindAid Coping Keys helped me to think positively and to relax when I felt distressed. It helped ease paranoid thoughts and to think more about the present moment.

Helen, Australia

“I am a visual person so the MindAid cards are perfect for me with their simple and effective messages.”

— HM, Gold Coast, Australia

“Hi Mind-Aid, the Coping Keys are great, it's kinda funny cause they are perfect for me, I get so stressed and it helps me to stop & read them. Changes my thought process.”

— KH North Carolina, USA

“The MindAid gave me another focus and soon the words became real to me.”

— HM, Nerang, Australia

“It was good to have a simple to use tool on hand that was clear and easy to use.”

— Tara

I found that the MindAid coping keys helped me by reinforcing positive thoughts during some of my most stressful situations. It was good to be able to have the coping keys in my pocket with me throughout the day so that I can easily access them. While some of the positive sayings didn't really apply to my situation, it was still great to be able to focus on something that wasn't a negative. I found that they worked well by channeling the mind into a more positive approach. During the 'heaviness' that I experience during a depressive period was made a little easier to handle/lifted during and after reading the positive quotes over a few times whilst regulating my breathing. It was great to have something that actually helped ‐ I've done heaps of therapies over the years and I have to admit that I have had the most success with the coping keys. Thank you!


“They gave me a positive outlook, I tried to think of the statement whenever I was feeling a little down.”

— Emma

“The coping keys took my mind off what was worrying me.”

— Astrid

“The Coping Keys kept me positive through the tougher days.”

— Kirsty, Victoria

“Wow, this actually works! Without doubt the best $15 I ever spent”

— Julie, Store Manager

I'm very impressed. The Coping Keys have really helped me. I have no doubt that I can use some of the statements for the rest of my life.

Nick, 41, Engineer

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“Positive reinforcement available at anytime to read during the day when needed but also read 3 times a day. reinforced positive thoughts. Loved it. Will be buying more of the set.”

— Jemma

“Like most other people, I have things in my life that I worry about, bring me down or stress me out. The Coping Keys really helped me deal much better with a range of difficult situations both at home and at work”

— Sophie from Bundaberg, 34, Mother of 3

“I didn’t even know that my discomfort with doing presentations was due to a mild social anxiety and I was amazed at how much the statements applied to me. I carry the Coping Keys with me and I am getting more and more comfortable and confident with each presentation I do.”

— Nicola from Brisbane, 25, Student