Coping Keys Bundle

Coping Keys Bundle


Own the entire collection of MindAid Coping Keys.

Own the entire collection of MindAid Coping Keys. This bundle includes 4 Coping Keys sets designed to help you with:

Depression/the blues (orange)

The Coping Keys for the blues or depression help you cope with low self-esteem, rumination, managing common   thinking traps (e.g., self-blame) as well as helping you to engage in social support, emotional awareness and   behavioural activation.

Perfectionism (grey)

The Coping Keys for perfectionism help you cope with concerns over mistakes, to develop reasonable standards,   manage checking behaviour, shift inflexible thinking, tolerate uncertainty and problem solve.

Social Anxiety (green)

The Coping Keys for social anxiety help you to cope with various thinking traps (e.g., mind reading, over-estimation,   catastrophising) as well as managing anxiety and nerves, gaining perspective on social situations, and risk taking.

Stress (blue)

The Coping Keys for stress help you to cope with stress by assisting you with the specific strategies, such as   modifying your interpretation of events, prioritising tasks, gaining control as well as managing your attention style   and assertiveness.