Cope Well - Relief from Mixed Emotions

Cope Well - Relief from Mixed Emotions


The Cope Well set is a mini collection of our favourite cards. Includes 5 cards from each of the Satisfaction, Calm, Happiness and Confidence sets.

Did you know that your thoughts are not always helpful and just because you think something, does not make it true? You don't have to be controlled by unhelpful thinking.


With MindAid Coping Keys you can reset your thinking and gain control. The Coping Keys contain 20 pre-written statements that act as helpful thoughts. When you read them and apply the strategies, you will cope well with everyday stressors. 


Helpful for anyone who:

  • Experiences stress, low mood, social anxiety or perfectionism
  • Wants to try out Coping Keys
  • Wishes to increase their general coping skills and resilience