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MindAid Coping Keys:
Your Pocket Psychologist

Due to Covid-19, there has a been a surge in the need for mental health support.  This product can help you with mild difficulties or provide a new way of thinking about everyday issues.  We all need to think to keep things straight, however, sometimes we are overblown and plagued by unhelpful thoughts.

The MindAid Coping Keys are not inspirational or motivational statements.  Often, we hear statements such as, "I dream wealth, wealth comes to me"; or "just think positive".  No amount of positive thinking about wealth, will make you rich.  

We are also not fans of the words positive or negative thinking.  We like to focus on healthy or helpful thinking.  Each of the five products, developed by psychologists, contains 20 coping keys, or cards, which contain helpful statements to assist you with your thinking, emotions and behaviours.

Just to be clear: thinking is all the thoughts we have; emotions are one word (anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, happiness etc); and behaviours (our reactions or urges).

This product is based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which aims to improve our cognitions (thoughts) and behaviours; which ultimately assist our emotional state.