The MindAid Coping Keys were developed following the observation that many individuals have great difficulty generating helpful thoughts to challenge and/or replace their unhelpful thought patterns. MindAid Coping Keys are unique in that they have an evidence-based foundation which means that they really do work.

Our Purpose


MindAid's purpose is to develop psychological products that improve individuals' health and well-being, and to help promote improved coping skills, resilience and support. Therefore, we advocate the following key messages:

•   Early intervention and promotion of good mental health is vital.

•   Rational, adaptive and helping thinking is the key to coping well.

 •   A healthy state of mind and improved coping skills can be attained via a low-cost, effective and portable cognitive support package.


MindAid was founded on the principle that thinking well means living well. It was established by three professionals (two are active Psychologists) who joined skills and knowledge to develop the MindAid Coping Keys. They observed that both during therapy, and inbetween sessions, many individuals had great difficulty generating helpful thoughts to challenge and/or replace their unhelpful thought patterns. To assist, helpful statements were written down with clients during sessions, allowing them to take them home for use inbetween sessions. From there, the Coping Keys evolved and developed.

The business originally commenced after the MindAid team won the Health prize in a former Griffith University Innovation Challenge. With the prize money, the product was fully developed and the business was started. 


Our team of three consists of two practising Psychologists and one experienced business administrator. 

Dr Leah Pischek Simpson
Dr Leah Pischek Simpson 

Founder & Partner

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist working in private practice. I completed a clinical doctorate at Griffith University which is a seven year program. My work in private practice commenced in 2007 working with adults with complex mental health difficulties. I have a special interest in ADHD, PTSD, Complex Trauma, Dementia and Psychosis.

Janita Stocks
Janita Stocks

Founder & Partner

I am Janita, an experienced business administrator and manager. As a former Area Manager and Business Manager, I have skills and experience in all aspects of business operations including project management, leadership, sales and marketing.  I have devoted much of the last 8 years to raising my three boys whilst working alongside the MindAid team.  I am a helper by nature, and I love being part of MindAid as I see firsthand the positive impact we have on others.

Magnus Reiestad
Magnus Reiestad

Founder & Partner

I am a neuropsychologist currently working in a paediatric outpatient clinic and a research / innovation position. The clinical work involves assessment of various neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric conditions. In addition to my clinical work, I am working on cognitive test development and developing distance assessment / follow-up of patients via mobile apps.