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MindAid Coping Keys:
Your Pocket Psychologist

Imagine a pocket-sized product, a psychological tool, that uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles to help you combat negative self-talk


Our aim is to help improve your mental health and well-being via our psychological self-help tool, the MindAid Coping Keys. Developed by Psychologists, the Coping Keys include a set of 20 coping keys, or cards, which contain helpful statements to assist you in handling emotionally difficult situations. When you feel strong emotions, you can refer to the statements which will help redirect your thoughts. They can be used as a personal support aid or in conjunction with psychological treatment, and they make for a great gift as well.


The Coping Keys have been colour coded to help identify common problems such as stress, perfectionism, depression and social anxiety.

Our Purpose

MindAid's purpose is to develop psychological products that improve individuals' health and well-being, and to help promote improved coping skills, resilience and support. Therefore, we advocate the following key messages:

Early intervention and promotion of good mental health is vital.


Rational, adaptive and helping thinking is the key to coping well.

 A healthy state of mind and improved coping skills can be attained via a low-cost, effective and portable cognitive support package.

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